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Using the civil servant loan comparison is child’s play. Nevertheless, a few tips should be considered. And then there are also special cases such as the civil servant’s loan without Credit bureau, and there are also more and more employees in the public sector. What is to be considered?

Civil service loan to save interest.

Civil service loan to save interest.

Now compare directly to the loan comparison

Savings banks, the health insurance companies or the National Employment, as well as teachers, are no longer licensed in some federal states. Under certain circumstances, however, they can also receive a civil service loan.

New employees are no longer assigned to the National Employment. Savings banks, public health insurances and other public institutions have also leased their staff less frequently or not at all. Under certain circumstances, however, employees may still receive a civil service loan.

As a rule, a fixed employment contract and the extended dismissal protection provided for in the collective agreement after 15 years employment in the civil service and with a minimum age of 40 years are required. Even permanent graduates in the private sector can sometimes receive a civil servant loan.

These groups should dare to try

  • Officer
  • Employees in the public sector
  • academic

Even those who do not receive a civil servant credit, who has a good credit rating at many banks particularly good chances for a favorable installment loan, for example, the credit test winner GIN (formerly Metabank).

Civil service loan comparison not difficult. The calculator looks depending on the term and amount of the loan the cheapest offer. But three tips should be considered by officials:

  1. Involve partners
  2. Question the meaning of life insurance
  3. Also see “normal” loans

Anyone who works in the public sector, but is not an official and has no official-like status, does not get the best conditions at every bank. But because a majority of couples get to know each other at work, the partner also often works in public service. If the conditions meet, you should take a loan together. That often lowers interest rates.
Now compare directly to the loan comparison

Civil servant loans are often linked to a life insurance policy as described in the section entitled “Civil servant loans or civil service loans?” But the insurance costs money, all in all, this variant is therefore almost always more expensive than a classic civil service loan.

Meaningful is the variant therefore only, if there is a main earner. Who lives alone, does not need the protection. Even with couples, he is often superfluous, if both partners have their own income. In addition, the combination of favorable official loan and term life insurance can be cheaper than a traditional civil service loan.

In addition to the offers explicitly listed as civil servant loans, normal installment loans also offer particularly favorable terms for debtors with good credit ratings. They should therefore not be left out of the comparison. 

House loan to get favorable terms. 

House loan to get favorable terms. 

The word Credit bureau causes many borrowers to fear as much as the Henry once did. 

First of all, one has to realize that credit institutions that do not cooperate with the Credit bureau often also request information about defaults in the past. Conversely, domestic financial institutions often ask the monthly expenses for existing loans in the loan application.

An official loan without Credit bureau is usually handled by a foreign bank. In principle, employees with a secure job also benefit there, so officials can benefit there from lower interest rates. Such loans are often handled through credit intermediaries. It is important to pay no up-front fees and to insist on a non-binding and free offer. This is offered, for example, by reputable companies such as Maxcredit or Crediter.

The official loan without Credit bureau is usually cheaper than corresponding offers for employees. Whereby academics and employees in the public service may also benefit from the civil service loan.


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